Cultural appropriation in fashion: what is it and can it be prevented?

Cultural appropriation: The term has been used more and more in recent years, but the practice of cultural appropriation has been around for much longer. Kunstmuseum Den Haag zooms in on the phenomenon in the new exhibition 'Global Wardrobe - the worldwide fashion connection', but the subject is also often discussed during talks about diversity...

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The aestheticisation of online consumer identity

“Digital dimensions ask us to continuously deconstruct and reinterpret our digital environment,” said Chinouk Filique de Miranda, in a presentation at the Responsible Fashion Series conference, attended by FashionUnited. As an independent researcher, Filique de Miranda has dedicated her time to analysing the digitisation of fashion and how...

5 hours ago


Rising sea levels a threat to Asia’s apparel sector, report says

Asia’s apparel sector is under threat from rising sea levels, according to a new report. An analysis by Cornell University claims that large apparel producing areas in Asia will be underwater by 2030. Thousands of garment factories must relocate to higher ground or be submerged in places such as Jakarta and Phnom Penh. It also warns the issue is...

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Gymshark director buys majority stake in streetwear brand Hera

Gymshark director and former chair Paul Richardson has snapped up a majority stake in streetwear brand Hera London. Richardson, who has also been appointed as executive chair of Hera, will oversee the company’s strategy as it sets its sight on becoming a 100 million pound label over the next three to five years. Hera said it is also working with...

6 hours ago

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