J. Crew’s premium denim brand Madewell launched its first ever menswear line yesterday. The debut capsule collection features 38 pieces, including 21 denim styles. With prices starting at 115 U

Last month, when VF announced the spin off of its denim brands Wrangler and Lee, many market analysts declared the death of denim. Its killer? Athleisure. FashionUnited looked at it more closely and

Trendstop gives FashionUnited readers an industry insider's guide to the key women's Fall/Winter 2018-19 denim directions for the fast fashion market. Trendstop's denim experts bring you the essenti

Last week, VF Corporation decided to spin off its denim brands Wrangler and Lee, forming two separate, independent companies. While VF said the new company, yet to be named, has significant potential

The fashion industry is changing so rapidly that it may feel overwhelming for newcomers in the field to stay up to date. This is why FashionUnited has compiled a series of articles with expert advice

Aéropostale, the specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories, targeting 16 to 22-year-old women and men, has debut its new range of jeans fits as part of its largest jean offering to

Wrangler, the famous 70 year old American jeans brand, never stops innovating with shapes and colours, around new creative lines all taking advantage of their historical heritage. Source: ParisModes

Milan attracts fashion students from all over the world, thanks to prominent schools such as the Marangoni Institute and the Domus Academy. Now, the city has become even more attractive for those loo

Many in the industry are becoming aghast with fast-fashion. While there is plenty of talk regarding sustainability in the industry, only a few brands will actually put their money where their mouth i

Kingpins arrives this week in NYC for its first denim trade show outside of Amsterdam but, as founder and CEO Andrew Olah reminds us, denim was adopted by the US a century ago so it’s fitting t

Denim jeans: a beloved item in most wardrobes. However, preferences for the fit, color and finish differ per person, which raises the question: Which is the best-selling denim jean model? FashionUnit

Five years ago today, the Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh collapsed, marking the most deadly accident in the history of the apparel industry. Thousands of workers at their sewing machines a

What do we really know about the denim industry and about the products themselves? As with every topic, the denim industry is full of its own myths or facts that are mistaken to be false.. During the

"> Alberto Candiani and Maurizio Donadi discuss the future of denim. Source: CandianiDenim, YouTube.

Amsterdam - Up until recently, the combination of denim and the ocean was impossible to imagine. No one in their right mind would go swimming in a pair of denim jeans (unless they are looking to bre

In a rapidly changing industry, each fashion company is working out its own path in regards to transparency. Transparency, much like the word sustainability, is a key buzzword in the fashion industry

Europe’s leading sustainable denim brand, Kings of Indigo, is set to become independent once more. Founder and owner of the Amsterdam-based brand, Tony Tonnaer confirmed to FashionUnited that t

Denim jeans have become an integral part of our lives, that most of us never stop to question where the beloved pants we wear so frequently come from. Despite the range of innovative materials availa

London - Jack & Jones, the menswear retailer owned by Bestseller, is set to launch its most sustainable jeans to date. The brand's ongoing commitment to protect the environment has led to the cre

London - Pepe Jeans London has launched a new, responsible innovation initiative to help accelerate the denim industry shift to more sustainable production methods. Entitled 'Tru-Blu', the new progra

Topshop has expanded its denim sizing range to include half sizes as it unveils its debut Topshop and Topman denim campaign for Spring/Summer 2018. Topshop will now offer half sizes in its denim rang

London - G-Star Raw is set to launch its most sustainable denim jeans to date for Spring/Summer 2018, the G-Star Elwood RFTPi jean. This latest pair of jeans marks new milestone in responsible denim

Alice + Olivia, known for their quirky, feminine designs and colorful red carpet styles, will be getting in on the denim game. The brand has announced the launch of AO.LA, a new casual focused sister

Originally made in 1924 for railroad workers, cowboys and farmers, this handpicked, high-grade selvage denim with a hand-guided finish propels the Lee 101 from classic to collector’s piece. So

Spanish finishing specialist for sustainable clothing, Jeanologia, wants to turn “Made in Bangladesh“ into a quality seal. At the Bangladesh Denim Expo, which is taking place today and to

Los Angeles - With denim as the focus this month for FashionUnited, brands such as Art With Purpose have been highlighting their denim pieces for greater causes. The organization, created by Marc Tha

Amsterdam - The denim market remains one of the ‘dirtiest’ areas within the fashion industry, as it takes more than 7,000 litres of water to create a single pair of jeans as well as nume

Amsterdam - Swedish brand Nudie Jeans opened its first store in the Netherlands this week. The Dutch market was the first market outside of its home market where the denim brand established itself, s

Amy Leverton, owner and founder of Denim Dudes, shows FashionUnited the four denim trends of Spring/Summer 2019 at denim event Kingpins. Source: FashionUnitedTV, YouTube

It can be said that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and in particular, the production of denim apparel is one of the most polluting of them all, especially in