AMFI is all or nothing: a student's view

Jos Nuijten is a student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the course Fashion & Branding and just finished his first year, talking about his favourite projects, accomplished goals and offering tips for all future students.

Before starting at AMFI, he already had experience in fashion education, but missed creative subjects including visualization and writing and was interested in identities and strategies, but never got the chance to work with it.
“Without a strong identity a brand is less powerful,” he says. “This acknowledgement made me certain about my decision to apply.”

Before heAMFI is all or nothing: a student's view applied to AMFI, he spoke to several graduates, receiving the same information: AMFI is hard work. After finishing his first year, Jos agrees with them, but also finds the classes very inspiring and interesting, reducing the pressure and finds the experience of the teachers, from which a lot still work in the creative industry, very beneficial.
“They know more about things from the practical rather than just from the theoretical point of view.”

His favourite project of the first year and curriculum was an assignment challenging the students to create their own Inspiration Book, finding inspiration wherever and whenever and putting images together that can create a whole new story.
“My book was built around three topics: domination, serenity and film-noir. Mystery was the connecting central theme. The process of making it was literally a creative search into myself, having to let go of my old vision on inspiration. It was like my mind was being torn apart, in a good way.”

The second semester of his first year focused on developing and presenting a new clothing brand including the translation of a basic clothing article into a new fashion concept, branding this concept and giving a 3D presentation of this concept. He made a 3D stand, that represents kind of a communism supermarket with limited choices. “My brand concept IDEM was evolved around the idea that uniformity creates comfort.”

For all future students he advises, that they should not think too hard and everything does not have to be super complicated and needs a difficult story. They should let go of their preconceptions and engage in experiments, showing the results to friends and family. Looking back on the first year he states: “It was a really intense year of creative self development. A crucial year when you find out if you want to dedicate your life to AMFI for the next three years. It sounds a little bit dramatic but when you study here it’s all or nothing.”

Source: AMFI - Text and photographs by Irena Krajnc, 2nd year International Fashion & Branding student.

Image (left): Jos Nuijten, first year Fashion & Branding student.
Image (right) : IDEM, Jos’ brand concept presented at Trouw Amsterdam.