www.24colours.de Germany

24colours is a young fashion label that was founded in Berlin in September 2009. In addition to clothing, our range of accessories is constantly being expanded and is based on the latest trends. Due to the inspiration of Berlin street style , individuality in our looks is particularly important to us . This is also reflected in the strict limitation of our goods. In addition to this online shop, there are already forty stores across Germany. One of the most important basic ideas at 24colours is that we want to make our unique collections accessible to every customer. Fashion should be independent of income or social status. However, individuality and exclusivity are just as important to us as fairness and social responsibility. So we not only make sure that you can afford our clothes, but also that producers and suppliers are transparent .
But how do we manage to offer our clothes so cheaply? Can cheap fashion be sustainable at all? On the one hand, we try to save resources at our headquarters. We avoid expensive rents thanks to a good, but not Berlin, prime location and have centralized and internally managed all areas of responsibility in our office. For example, we forego large-scale advertising campaigns and media and do not outsource PR and marketing. We prefer to rely on viral marketing, social media and word of mouth. We also produce our own electricity there. We can then pass these optimizations and savings on to our customers in the form of fair prices. We mainly produce our clothes in Italy, Turkey and China and we already have long-term relationships with our suppliers. The so-called BSCI Code of Conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative Codex) or similar programs that are based on the conventions of the UN's human rights declarations and ensure an ethical supply chain apply to these . This is exactly what we check through regular visits to the production facilities . In order to send your orders as climate-neutral as possible, we only send with DHL GoGreen , whose main focus is on climate protection. In order to save even more CO² through shorter transport routes, we are trying to find new suppliers in the EU, which we recently achieved with the production of our “Made in EU” line in Romania. We're not perfect, but we're constantly developing in terms of sustainability. Our new WetFloorDenim line, for example, consists exclusively of organic cotton. We have also added vegan, 7-free nail polish and biodegradable cell phone cases to our range. So we attach great importance to the fact that you can shop cheaply, but under humane, sustainable conditions and with a clear conscience. Treat your clothes responsibly and with appreciation, use the right care so that you can benefit from them for a long time! So you too can do something and counteract the throw-away policy. We are of course always grateful for tips and advice from you.