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8848 Altitude is a Swedish premium ski fashion and street style brand, dedicated to merging style with functionality, bringing the perfect blend of performance and trendsetting designs to both the mountain and the city. The collection holds both iconic signature styles with a strong identity as well as seasonal pieces in limited editions.
The design DNA is recognized by a sophisticated, sporty style, and the collections are precisely coordinated in both colours and materials to otter a well-curated ski and lifestyle wardrobe. Perfect fitting is a hallmark of the brand, defined by distinct silhouettes and meticulous tailoring. The company's history in alpine sports is clearly visible in the detail work, where every feature is elaborately crafted with both function and appearance in mind. 8848 Altitude was founded in 1990 by Magnus Berggren who still is the main owner. CEO and Head of Design. Wholesale 8848 Altitude German Office: MOC Showroom A 106 Lilienthalallee 40 80939 München Kontakt: Maria Benner, maria.benner@8848altitude.com Headquarter: 8848 Altitude AB Box 22216 501 14 Borås Sweden Photo credit: 8848 Altitude