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Abelone Wilhelmsen is a Borgerhout based Danish fashion designer. She was born in Copenhagen and grew up in a creative environment, surrounded by design, architecture, art, jazz and classical music. Her beloved mother was a tailor with a great sense of beauty. Her father, a shoemaker, passed on his craftsmanship and his passion for leather.
photography by: Dimitri Pruym Brand Enter another relationship with what you wear… changing your daily identity that shapes the world you live in... With a Crystal Clear European mindset, Belgium inspired, Scandinavian mood with an architectural eye, artistic, where form follows function. Reset your mood with subtle, unexpected graphics, an urban collection with attention to detail and body. Designed in Antwerp. Belgium-made. Enduring quality garments for women, men, accessories and interior items. Poetic and visual, Abelone Wilhelmsen translates the emotional and sculptural. Vision Creating slow fashion garments, building a sustainable business by empowering people. Starting from research and design, choice of fabrics and involvement in the process – for customers to understand the identity behind the collections. Small scale and sustainable production follow limited edition items. Creating social awareness and involvement by producing key items in closed circuit ateliers. Rethinking the speed of the fashion system and minimizing the carbon footprint of each garment. As a designer Abelone Wilhelmsen is inspired and fond of shadows, imperfection, graphic components and beauty. Wholesale E: info@abelonewilhelmsen.com P: + 32 (0) 494 92 93 10 Photo credit: Courtesy of Abelone Wilhelmsen