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At Amicci we distinguish ourselves by combining Italian heritage with a universal modern outlook. Our respect for craftsmanship is reflected in the attention given to the design and craft by producing world class versatile jeans that are suitable for a range of occasions.
Premium quality: our uncompromising selection features the finest Italian backgrounds but melds it with innovative new age developments. With a mindset of exactness, we strive to perfect every small detail, and aim to keep pushing boundaries in our field with our craft. Italian styling: at Amicci we are devoted to making each piece a reflection of personal style. We provide a thoughtful mix between classic craftsmanship and an artisanal influence. Bespoke craftmanship: we value our heritage and prompt absolute quality. By incorporating the latest in technology, we offer products that are beautiful, innovative, and fits flawlessly. Wholesale E: Photo credit: Amicci