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GET DRESSED, FORGET THE REST & GET BUSY LIVING! &Co Woman is a unique short-term women’s collection consisting of our own Travel quality and beautiful, alternating prints on different qualities. We offer a complete collection, with which you will surprise your shopping public. In short, a unique opportunity to join. Curious about what's in it for you?
& You can rely on steady supply and a good margin. & A minimum of 6 collections per year ensures that you always match the latest trends. & The collections follow up on one another in image and color, which guarantees a good resale. & Years of experience ensure a lot of knowledge of Northern European women and, very importantly: the Northern European fit, which ensures a good fitting. & Easy to order online through our B2B webshop, or via one of our traveling agents. & We pay extra attention to all our points of sale on our website, social media channels and in newsletters. Let’s talk business, &Co Woman Wholesale E: info@meandco.nl photo credit: &Co Woman