BF Jeans - Amsterdam The Netherlands
BF Jeans was founded in Amsterdam in 2016. Driven by the philosophy that every woman should feel confident, no matter what age, shape or background. We are creating the perfect jeans with attention to detail that suit every woman. We focus on slow fashion and high quality pieces that women will wear throughout the rest of their life.
Every collection is based on function over form. We aspire to design a perfect and comfortable fit, combined with refined washings and details. Inspired by people, innovations and seasonal trends we translate that in our timeless and classy designs. Shapes, fits and fabrics are carefully chosen to complete a perfect pair. BF Jeans started as a plus size jeans label, but since we feel that every woman desires a good pair of jeans we are developing more and more sizes. The range will increase in time so we will be here to provide all feminine shapes. Be patient, it’s slow fashion. Wholesale P: +31 653 40 55 28 E: Photo credit: BF Jeans