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Founded in May 1895, FALKE looks back on a varied and eventful 125-year company history. Since 1990, FALKE has been run as a fourth-generation family business and has grown into an international premium company. The 3000 plus employees within the FALKE-FAMILY are one of the company's mainstays. Our expertise in high-quality legwear and fashion is recognized worldwide.
FALKE is based on solid fundamental values: unconditional quality, the highest craftsmanship, and constant innovation backed up by sophisticated specialisation, creative design and, not least, continuity and complete reliability. These principles apply now more than ever because they are also our benchmark for the future. All over the world, the future is being shaped by fundamental, dynamic lifestyle changes in almost all areas of life. For people of all ages, at every stage of life and at every turn, we are by their side with new ideas and modern products. FALKE – With you every step Wholesale contact information P: 00800 - 22 033 022 E: online@FALKE.com Photo credit: FALKE