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Consumer Insights and Innovation
For over 20 years Fashion Snoops (FS) has been a leading force in the trend forecasting market, servicing clients in 50 countries in the areas of Fashion, Accessories, Home Decor, Beauty, Wellness, and other consumer-facing markets. Clients who work with us enjoy a unique point of view that stems from cultural trends and a heart-led approach to forecasting that is seamlessly intertwined and supported by cutting-edge, AI-augmented tools. LATEST FROM FS RETAILIVE is the latest addition to the FS platform. Using proprietary AI-technology, RETAILIVE continuously scans thousands of stores and brands around the world and aggregates e-commerce assortments into one central location. With 10,000 new images added daily, you can scan the global retail landscape without leaving your desk. Guests can now enjoy 14 days of complimentary access to RETAILIVE. Simply email to get started today.
OUR METHODOLOGY We take our clients on a journey from broad, multi-market trends identified 18-24 months in advance to closer-to-season market-and category-specific direction and we show how it all connects. Our team of researchers and editors layer human insight over data and analysis so clients can better align their future business strategies.