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Fashion4Wellness: we are a manufacturer of hammam towels, beach towels, Foutas, Kikoys, Kimonos, tunics, pareos, blankets and plaids. We produce at small, traditional family owned companies in Turkey, Bali, Kenya and Tunisia. People, environment and society – we treat them all with care and respect. So that we remain successful as a company, today and tomorrow. And consumers can continue to enjoy our products. Our products contain a lot of manual work, making each product unique. Our brands are: Fashion4Wellness, Balyy and Dreamtowel.
Fashion4Wellness can be found at saunas and retailers who want to offer their customers something special. Our hammam towels are not only used on the beach or in the sauna, but increasingly also as a blanket, garment or accessory. For example, the Deniz hammam towel comes in 30 colors and 4 sizes. Dare to combine, dare to be yourself! The hammam towel (also called pest(h)amal) originates from Turkey. Especially in the bathhouses (the hammams) or saunas, the hammam towels are used as a wrap, sauna towel, bath towel and drying towel. A hammam towel absorbs a lot of humidity. The hammam towel can also be used as a beach towel. Hammam towels are thin, flexible, lightweight and dry quickly. They are ideal to take with you on a trip. A hammam towel is lighter than a regular towel and takes up less space in your luggage. Hammam towels are also very suitable for use with babies. The hydrophilic cotton allows you to dry or wrap the baby with it. The hammam towel is therefore very nice to give as a maternity gift. A Fouta has its origin in the North African countries. A Fouta is comparable to a hammam towel and has the same properties as a hammam towel. The difference is in the weaving machine and the country of origin. Kikoys are of course also used in saunas, on the beach, at home, as a garment and decoration. They are rectangular in shape and used to be worn by men as a garment. Originally they come from Kenya and Tanzania. The hammam towel, Fouta and Kikoy are increasingly used as a decorative tablecloth, blanket or plaid. We believe our customer is everything! We are committed to making the best products for you. You are very welcome in our showroom in Zwanenburg (close to Amsterdam / Schiphol). Here you will find all beautifully produced products at a glance. We also produce for some brands under private label or as a limited edition. Feel free to ask about the possibilities. * for the Netherlands demand for Lidy - for other countries demand for Manuel * Direct sales to consumers for Germany take place at For the Netherlands via and for France via Other consumers can order via and these will be shipped worldwide. Photo credit: Fashion4wellness