Fraenck The Netherlands
Fraenck - a Dutch sustainable fashion brand and social enterprise, founded in 2018. It all started with designer duo Ho&Mulder, who met each other at the Academy of the Arts in Arnhem. They started working together until finally founding a brand that combines all things important to them. Design. The Fraenck collection is designed and made in Arnhem, NL. Timeless, functional and durable. Sustainable. All items are made using recycled and upcycled leftovers from the Dutch manufacturing industry. Social. Every piece is handmade in our studio, by people with certain disabilities. At Fraenck they learn valuable skills. With these skills they become more independent. Vegan. Fraenck uses vegan materials.
Fraenck is a slow fashion brand. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the company is slow ☺! The brand brings timeless items which can be combined endlessly every season. The only trend the brand believes in is the one on sustainability and transparency. By wearing Fraenck you’re making a strong statement against fast fashion. A statement that needs to be made, again and again. Join the cause and contribute to a fashion industry that is more transparent, more sustainable and most of all: kind to their workers. The studio of Fraenck is a safe haven for individuals who need time to work on their skills. Skills they need to adapt to our modern society and challenging demands. Whether one needs to work on their language or social skills – at Fraenck we work together on a bright(er) future. The collection is currently evolving beyond sustainable bags and accessories. Before Fraenck, co-founder Ratna gained a lot of experience designing and manufacturing clothing. During masters at Central St. Martins, but also later at fashion label RATNA HO. This experience results in a fastidious yet outspoken collection of sustainable dresses, skirts, coats and home-wear items, which will soon be released under the banner of Fraenck. With the same transparent and inclusive values and goals. Wholesale P: +31 26 844 0451 E: Photo credit: Fraenck