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Gaastra was founded in 1897 by a young Dutch sailmaker - Douwe Gaastra - in Sneek. His ambition was to make high-quality sails that last longer and sailed faster. His love for the sea and passion for sailing made Douwe Gaastra a true innovator. Our core values ​​of passion for the ocean, water sports, top quality and sustainability are deeply rooted in the Gaastra brand and its products. Gaastra is an authentic Dutch Lifestyle Brand with DNA steeped in pure nautical passion. The brand owes its international reputation to a unique mix of functionality, durability and a fashionable touch, which is consistently implemented in all its products. Inspired by the adventurous and rebellious energy of sailors. Young, confident and willing to make a statement with authentic, sustainable style. We have a passion for creating functional fashion. Our goal is to be the most successful nautical lifestyle brand according to our standard and definition. We are changing things for good and driving growth in the right direction by minimizing the impact of fashion on the environment. We have set an ambitious course, as part of the Unlimited Footwear Group. We are determined to steer in the right direction. We have experienced calm and rough seas. We don't reminisce about past achievements, successes, or failures. Our motivation is fueled by our ambition to 'do better than yesterday'. We understand the power of nature and have great respect for the elements. We don't ask questions to the sea, you just dress for the occasion.
The Gaastra Brand Triangle Innovative: Ultimate cutting-edge technology and sustainable and durable materials to provide the best possible comfort and protection under all weather conditions. Sustainable: We love people and the planet they live on and are passionate about minimising the environmental cost and impact of fashion. We create products that earn an environmental sustainable certification. We choose quality over quantity and push ourselves to create great products that are made to last. Nautical: Gaastra’s success is founded on nautical sportswear with a fashionable touch. Inspired by the adventurous and rebellious energy of sailors. Young, confident and prepared to make a statement with an authentic modernized sustainable style. Contact Wholesale New Yorkstraat 48 1175 RD Lijnden The Netherlands E: Photo Credit: Gaastra