GOT BAG Germany
The ocean might seem far away from our offices, but our team member Billy is actively engaged on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, where he manages our clean-up activities to gradually clear the sea from plastic.
Because we are more than just a fashion brand! In order to create a real impact and a truly sustainable product, it was important for us to have full control over every single step of our production chain – starting where the problem is the biggest. Our very own network of 1,500 fishermen collects ocean plastic as by-catch, which is then carefully separated and cleaned before processed. For each GOT BAG, we recover up to 9 lb of ocean plastic. The PET share of the recycled plastic is fed into our production chain, while all other unusable parts are discarded according to the right recycling chain. The raw material “ocean plastic” turns step by step into a high-quality yarn. Each production step conserves resources and follows the highest requirements for fair and social work conditions, including job safety and certifications. Wholesale E: Photo credit: GOT BAG