GROUNDIES Phone: +49 761 45 89 29-52 Germany
GROUNDIES® - Love your Feet again Just a year old and already a global brand. Our shoes are the true redefinition of healthy feet, unconditional comfort, responsible production and sustainability. These all apply to both material and sole. Our revolutionary TrueSense® barefoot sole has a base of 3.3 mm and a profile of 3 mm. It offers maximum flexibility, lightness and durability like never before felt, ensuring a healthy and upright gait. The zero heel allows the nerve endings of your feet to transmit unrestricted sensory feedback to your brain, strengthening your body consciousness. With our versatile models we also offer even more variety for the barefoot feeling with our different barefoot soles. The lightweight TPU in our soles are much more durable and abrasion-resistant than conventional PU.We are very much convinced and therefore offer a 3-year warranty on our soles.
Sustainability of the entire production process GROUNDIES® shoes are produced sustainably under economic, ecological and social aspects. Our environmentally friendly process begins even before the actual production. Through our efficient production planning, we avoid many waste materials and use the resources of our environment.We ship the barefoot soles manufactured in Germany to our shoe manufacturer in Portugal, where the models are handmade. We offer our employees long-term, fair-paid jobs with optimal working conditions and opportunities for further training. For all GROUNDIES® we use leather from Europe as well as high-quality and robust vegan upper materials. We support ambitious franchise worldwide. With GROUNDIES® you walk weightless and mindful through life. Last but not least, you will learn to (re)consciously love your life away from acceleration. Start with your feet. Love your feet again.