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HANN Handmade. Authentic. Natural. Thai Native. 925 sterling silver - 18k gold plated Worldwide shipping • preserving authentic artisanship • maintaining local sustainability • hypoallergenic • eco-friendly gift box • supporting self-esteem #enhannce your inner beauty. You are precious! #hannjewelry
HANN Jewelry is founded by Hannelore Vermeir. HANN Jewelry is made by hand with the highest precision and craftsmanship. Being manufactured in Thailand, using the highest quality of silver, 925 or sterling silver; HANN Jewelry will not cause irritation to the skin. The designs are inspired by nature, and finished with an emphasis on the smallest detail. Furthermore will the collection be frequently updated to guarantee the exclusivity and authenticity of your HANN Jewelry. Hannelore Vermeir travelled abroad to Thailand to practice her profession as the co-principal clarinetist at the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra since 2017. As a professional musician, Hannelore was always searching for modern, yet subtle and refined jewelry, to add dynamic and class to the black concert clothing. Being very pleased with the results of a local manufacturer, she decided to collaborate with the designers’ team, and to bring the jewelry to Europe. After having worked in Thailand for a couple of years, Hannelore also noticed that her personality became more hybrid, incorporating different aspects of both cultures. Consequently Hannelore would like to bring the romantic, intuitive and somewhat chaotic tendencies of the Thai lifestyle, to the well-organized and ambitious civilization of Europe - as it is known to her. The designs of the jewelry will reflect these ideas and form a bridge between the two continents and their societies. Wholesale E: contact@hannjewelry.com Photo credit: HANN Jewelry