JOSH V The Netherlands
The Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand JOSH V by fashion designer Josh Veldhuizen is known for stylish and elegant collections that make women’s hearts worldwide skip a beat. JOSH V creates highly accessible yet still luxurious, ready-to-wear collections which belong in the wardrobe of any self-aware woman that wants to cut a stylish figure. “I want to make women look and feel spectacular.” - Josh Veldhuizen
JOSH V was founded in 2011 by fashion entrepreneur Josh Veldhuizen, born and bred in Amsterdam. In only a few short years, she managed to turn the brand into a prominent fashion label using her passion for fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of hard work. JOSH V is now one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Europe. The label is known for its signature luxurious style and premium quality, highly feminine collections featuring unique finishes. Josh Veldhuizen is from an entrepreneurial family and had a successful modelling career at a young age. She travelled all over the world for photo shoots and met dozens of leading fashion designers, international stars and trendsetting it-girls. As a columnist for several fashion magazines and as a blogger, she shared her travel experiences and her adventures in the fast-paced world of fashion and lifestyle with the world. Josh’s affinity for fashion and her ambition for starting her own business inspired her to create fashion label JOSH V: a brand with an extraordinarily chic and fashionable image that was sorely lacking in the Dutch fashion market. At the same time, Josh envisioned and realised her own reality TV show, in which RTL5 followed her during the preparations for and launch of the first JOSH V collection. The show resulted in nationwide publicity for JOSH V. These days, JOSH V is sold in over 400 partner stores, and the JOSH V collections are available in eight different countries apart from the Netherlands, including Belgium, Germany and Portugal. Moreover, JOSH V items are sold worldwide from the official web shop at