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KTGfashionhouse is a contemporary fashion brand designed and created by Kristin Brady. KTGfashionhouse is designs women's dresses and tops, as well as some menswear. Each piece is created to mold and sculpt to each body, individually. This is achieved by applying sculptural sensibilities with mathematical precision. There are no zippers, buttons, hook and eye, nor any other western fastening methods employed in KTG designs. Enjoy, interpret, imagine...
K T G's love for fashion and design began very early on, she got her start in front of the camera at the age of three, by the age of five she was expressing herself through colourful fashion drawings. As she grew, she honed her draping skills by creating dresses out of household linens. Her first hand sewing lessons came from her Mother at the age of eight. By the age of twelve, she decided to begin her fashion education independently by using her library card, checking out books, studying the decades of fashion as well as textiles. She also spent copious amounts of time at a local bookstore reading about her favorite designers and the late great makeup artist Kevin Aucoin. Her favorite designer is Gabriel Coco Chanel, she aims to follow in her footsteps by maintaining her individuality, expressing her best efforts through her work and interactions. KTG has been working in Fashion for 16 years, beginning as an intern, then as an apprentice, leading into assistant designer. KTG has been designing her own brand for 14 years. In that time she has created custom garments, costumes, styled for print, music videos, as well as album covers. One of her most dynamic accomplishments is having completed 4 successful tours with Cirque Du Soleil (Totem, Kurios, Luzia, and Volta), working in costumes and wardrobe. Her current passion is pursuing the global expansion of KTGfashionhouse. KTG's designs do not employ zippers, buttons, hook and eye nor any other western fasteners. Instead, her design method utilizes a blend of mathematics, alternative design techniques, and architectural simplicity. Her design aesthetic is influence by nature as well as travel and adventure. KTGfashionhouse is centered around flexible versatile fashion, able to be taken from day to night. She believes in garments that are ethical and sustainable, these practices are essential to the integrity of her work. KTG admires garments that are chic, stylish, and elegant. This focus is the guiding force that directs what she aims to offer through her designs. Enjoy, interpret, imagine... Contact wholesale Email: ktgfashionhouse@gmail.com Phone: 626.935.9850 Photo credit: Courtesy of Arthur Davis Header Image credit: Adam Battaglia MUA Rachael Werren Model Elizabeth Marochok