kuyichi.com The Netherlands
Kuyichi is Dutch sustainable denim brand founded in 2000 with the goal to bring a positive change in the fashion industry. Kuyichi’s founders were shocked by the bad working conditions in the Peruvian cotton industry and decided a change was necessary. As no existing brands were interested in fair cotton at that time, they decided to do it themselves. Kuyichi was the first clothing brand in the world to launch completely organic jeans. Sustainability is right at the core at Kuyichi. Kuyichi’s entire collection is made from sustainable materials (such as organic cotton, Tencel and recycled materials) with respect for the makers and the planet. The main focus being making quality jeans with a perfect fit. The entire jeans collection is Peta approved vegan, the patches on the jeans are made of either recycled paper or recycled corn waist. Since 2016 Kuyichi quit making trendy seasonal collections and the sale that comes along with such collections in order to make statement against fast fashion. Instead, Kuyichi focuses on timeless essentials, premium quality and the perfect for every body type. Kuyichi has an extensive offer of sustainable jeans and tops in several fits, colours and washes. Products to enjoy for years.
Why work with Kuyichi? Kuyichi focuses on timeless designs and high-quality jeans with a perfect fit for everyone. When buying Kuyichi you’ll enjoy the products for years and look good and feel good at the same time. Innovative, sustainable denim brand Founded 20 years ago to improve the fashion industry Fair working conditions Sustainable materials Vegan jeans and tops Sustainable production process Timeless wardrobe essentials Premium quality Perfect fit No sale, a statement against fast fashion. Wholesale E: info@kuyichi.com Photo credit: Kuyichi