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About Minttu More than a brand, MINTTU is a concept and lifestyle that combines design, art, fashion and craftsmanship in each piece, under a fashion model that is more conscious of design and manufacturing to create pieces with high creative and artistic content.
Each piece is made using various techniques: freehand drawing, artistic acrylic painting, and hand bead embroidery. Each piece is meticulously elaborated taking care of every detail, it is a work carried out with great passion, dedication, effort and commitment to obtain unique and differentiated pieces, with great artistic content and high value designs. The design and creation process of each piece has a slow, smooth and calm rhythm; each stroke, each brushstroke, each stitch wants to tell a story through art and details. Each one of our bags has a stamped design, painted and hand embroidered over long hours of work, bringing together art and craft in a high quality and durable bags inspired by Latin American nature. Hand drawn strokes, delicate brush strokes, extremely fine stitches. Color in every detail, splendor in every brightness. The crystals and shapes play with the light, telling a story. Each bag is a craft inspired by nature, the cosmos, and femininity. Each bag is art and fashion that has given up being ephemeral. Each bag represents the hands that have created it with the virtue of patience and the serenity of letting ideas flow. About Designer Astrid Carolina Barrios is a self-taught designer of Venezuelan and Colombian nationalities, currently based in Colombia. From an early age, she showed a penchant for drawing, art and aesthetics, which led her to take drawing and artistic painting classes during her childhood and then became a powerful passion that would guide her later steps. At the beginning of her university studies of law, she also began her way into design, combining student activities with the design and artisan production of bags with freehand drawn and painted patterns, clothing and accessories, in which she left her personal mark with artistic details. After completing her studies, she worked as a lawyer for some years, alternating with design, this time focused on handbags, until she understood that her true passion and engine of her dreams was design; From that moment, she decided to dedicate fully to this activity that represent her personal satisfaction. At this point, she began to explore and experiment, searching for new shapes, colors, textures and techniques, combining freehand drawing and acrylic painting on fabrics to achieve more elaborate prints, achieving an evolution with the introduction of bead embroidery by hand to her designs, from there arises MINTTU, the brand of bags designed by Astrid Carolina. Astrid Carolina wants to highlight moments and experiences, colors and details that invite you to live and design your own path and style with a look to art and fashion in one piece. The purpose of Astrid Carolina is to design unique and timeless pieces that incorporate art and craft from drawing and freehand painting, as well as different embroidery techniques on beads and threads to create a unique pattern on each bag and make to each woman a bag that symbolizes her expression, her style and personality. Minttu means Mint. Astrid Carolina Wanted to take this word as name for her design project with the intention of expressing freshness, innovation, art and fashion made slowly, consciously and destined to last over the time. Wholesale P: +57 3008826046 E: Photo credit: Minttu Bags