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We are the only multi-stakeholder organisation fully dedicated to organic cotton. As a global platform, we’re committed to bringing integrity, supply security and measurable social and environmental impact to organic cotton. At OCA, we envision a future where, every time a farmer switches to organic cotton, there is a ripple effect of positivity; farmers earn more, their families and communities flourish, and their land and soils are fertile for future generations, protecting our planet. We call this the Organic Cotton Effect. But we’re not there yet - and it’s going to take a collaborative effort to realise this vision.
OCA unites the sector to unleash the potential of organic cotton and deliver positive change for people and the planet. We believe that by working together we can create the conditions for organic cotton to thrive. Every dollar invested in OCA programmes improves farmer profitability and prosperity, contributes to environmental sustainability, and ultimately bolsters the integrity of the cotton sector. We support farmers because they’re the catalysts for this change – the stewards of the land. Support the farmer, you strengthen the sector and you safeguard the planet. Photo credit: Organic Cotton Accelerator - OCA