Queen Kerosin

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Mr. King Kerosin - born in a working-class district in Mannheim. He lived in the USA and many other countries, traveled to many events in the rockabilly scene - and it was not uncommon for him to clash with the local authorities.
He never missed a party and met some big names and many hot girls. During the day, he worked on his hot rod in his garage, with which he took part in races on various dragster slopes or salt lakes. Over a beer in his garage in Bakersfield, California, he had an idea of ​​starting his own fashion brand! King Kerosin was born. In this way he was able to realize his dream of sharing his lifestyle with others. Under the slogan "Made in Garage"the first T-shirts were printed in his garage at home. After a while he decided to go back to his home country Germany. The European headquarters were founded in the "racing city" of Hockenheim, although the US headquarters, headed by Richard Burton, remained. The small trendy brand gradually developed into a popular rockin 'streetwear brand, which is now worn by a wide variety of scenes. At the trade fairs, there was or is no big sales event, but everything is under the motto "fun". King Kerosin pairs the classic rock'n'roll style with current streetwear trends and creates an individual style that has never existed before. So beware King Kerosin strikes back!