Reinhard Frans The Netherlands
Long years of cooperation with the absolute top of the shoe industry gave Reinhard Frans a great amount of experience. To realize the family’s ‘dream’ they have started building the atelier in 2008. The atelier was finished at the end of 2012, and in that same year they opened their first Flagshipstore in Apeldoorn.
Reinhard Withaar worked close together with his sons Laurens and Jasper. They joined their father in order to establish the brand and identity of Reinhard Frans. The cooperation gave such a synergy that they opened multiple stores in fast pace. Quality and exclusivity are the basic ingredients of the Reinhard Frans collection. We work with the best tanneries in the leather industry. Combined with the fixed affordable price for all the handmade shoes in store and online it is a unique product. Wholesale E: Photo credit: Reinhard Frans