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Originally from Serbia, Roksanda studied Architecture and Applied Arts at the University of Belgrade before moving to London where she graduated with an MA in Womenswear from Central Saint Martins. In over a decade since founding her label, Roksanda has evolved an unmistakable woman-centred design aesthetic. As a woman consciously designing for women, she started ROKSANDA with a view of creating a platform to celebrate the equality of women whilst seeking to challenge the perceptions of traditional beauty through a blend of opposites. Roksanda creates pieces that reveal a woman’s personality while providing a sense of shelter and refuge through their unique design.
Today, stand out colour blocking, architectural shapes, modern, distinctive cuts, innovative use of fabrics and a dedicated focus on craftsmanship define ROKSANDA’s signature ready-to-wear and accessories. Reoccurring themes seen through her bold use of colour and love of oversized, sculptural sleeves take inspiration from her experiences of growing up in Serbia, whilst expressive and dynamic prints are informed by modern and contemporary art influences. A prolific member of the contemporary art community, Roksanda’s participation in the art world has led to landmark collaborations with organisations such as the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Studio Voltaire and artists Eva Rothschild and Ella Kruglayanskaya. Championing a multidisciplinary approach to her work, Roksanda merges the boundaries between the differing creative disciplines of art, dance and fashion, which can be seen in her collaborations with Rana Begum, Troika, Caroline Denervaud, Frances Kere to name a few. Wholesale E: Photo credit: Roksanda