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We are SNURK. We're here to make your horizontal life better and more relaxed. We’re all busy these days. But just like the battery of our smartphones, we also need to recharge every now and then. And so sleeping well and consciously doing nothing are becoming more and more important.
Horizontal Wear, day and night. Our Horizontal Wear is a mix between PJ’s and lounge wear. Super comfortable clothing that you can wear day or night, inside or outside – it's your party. Made from the softest, organic stretch cotton from Portugal. Perfect for sleeping, lazy Sundays, working from home, Netflix marathons or holidays. Kids wear them to school and who can blame them. Comfort is king! Slow down fashion Only twice a year a new collection comes out: better known as slow fashion. There's something for all ages: women, men, kids and babies. Wear them however you like. Imagine the whole family in matching SNURK clothing for a big holiday breakfast. ;-) The fit? Relaxed of course. Our fit is designed to let you relax in style. The fabric is soft and stretchy, the cut is loose and relaxed, but never looks sloppy. Cuddling up in long sleeves in winter. Dresses that are light and loose in summer. And where possible, we add deep pockets. New styles appear in each collection, but our sweaters, trousers and dresses keep the same fit. Producing consciously, wasting as little as possible. It should just be normal for a textile company to produce in the most humane and environmentally friendly way possible. In any case, SNURK does everything it can. Within de EU We produce in Portugal. They make beautiful, quality products, work within EU rules (which means workers are better protected) and are close to us in Amsterdam. So no flying or shipping products long distances and limited mileage for the trucks. GOTS certified We work exclusively with GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS is an organization that applies the strictest standards for organic fibers worldwide. They ensure the entire production process from fibre to finished product is as clean as possible. Let’s celebrate the art of doing absolutely nothing. Wholesale E: Photo credit: SNURK