The Digital Fashion Group The Netherlands
"The Digital Narrative for lifelong learning informed by the latest innovation and Technology in the Fashion Value Chain" The Digital Fashion Group is a European-led collaboration between Fashion Academics and Industry Innovators. Working with industry leaders we equip fashion education, professionals and brands with the relevant skills, mindset and strategies for tomorrow’s workplace.
With extensive international experience of fashion education and the full fashion value chain from creative concept to retail, the founders of The Digital Fashion Group are leveraging their combined knowledge to rethink how we create, produce, market, sell, and use clothing, and how fashion professionals can drive this to redefine the industry. Fashion is about the “New”, but behind it is an out-of-date system based on 19th century tailoring and manufacturing with an unsustainable environmental and social impact, while fashion education perpetuates a system developed in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Both fail to adapt to changes in society and to the recent wave of new digital technologies delivering tools to reinvent every aspect of fashion education and the fashion cycle. To lead the development of the digital mindset and digital strategies we focus our energy on identifying and amplifying the key digital technologies in the industry, in particular how creative talent engages with data during the design process, and how brands can adapt to Industrial Revolution 4.0. We have a global, inclusive, flexible, hands-on approach delivered across our three core functions of Academy - Consult - Talent