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Topaz Luxe Ltd is a bespoke brand that sells self designer premium swimwear. The theory behind the brand name is that Topaz closely resembles the finest aquamarines, blues, turquoises, neutrals and gorgeous blush tones. The most abundant colour of Topaz is blue and green. Which reflects the cool of the ocean translated into one colour palette. The stone is traditionally known for love and good fortune and bringing a successful attainment of goals. The company’s founder, Miss Natasha Rose Griggs is an experienced swimwear designer herself. She found that the current swimwear market is missing the niche of classic sexy swimwear with luxury quality at a competitive price.The magic of the brand is in the detail. What sets Topaz aside from other swimwear brands is the attention to the detail and construction of each piece of swimwear. Each item will consist of luxury fabrics, shiny branded hardware, reusable recycled protection bags, and personal attention to detail. Each style is an exclusive design to the brand, which is independently designed by Topaz Swim. The company’s mission is to create exclusive premium swimwear which promotes exclusive designs to a tailored fit. With feminine cuts that accentuate the female physique. Elegant simplicity defines Boutique Designer Swimwear, revealing flattering shapes which are expertly crafted and timelessly chic. We are currently stocked in three Luxury Sanderson Retailers across the UK, and making progress to launch small pop up stands within the niche Resort and Cruise Line Industry. Including meetings with Harding retail to stock Topaz Swim on Virgin Voyages and The Ritz Carlton Collective, I am also in talks with The Five Palm Dubai. Since Topaz Swim launched in 2020, we have been awarded Best New Swimwear Brand of the Year by Central Prestige Awards 2021, and have been recently nominated by the Women’s Business Awards for Business Women of the Year.
OUR BRAND ETHOS: Quality >Topaz strives to create the highest quality swimwear with impeccable fit that will last for years to come with proper care. Eco > Topaz believes in incorporating sustainability wherever possible in their production process, balancing sustainability with quality, luxury, and exclusivity. Unique > Topaz provides customers with exclusive pieces that are truly unique and special. Quality, Long Lasting & individual product available exclusively online & in limited locations. Passion > It is the designers belief that we should be passionate about everything we do, from the simplest organisational task, to the most delightful design. Every piece of what she does comes together to make her brand a success. Luxury > At the foundation of the design process, Topaz works with suppliers to search for luxurious materials that enhance the exclusivity of the products offered to their customers. Innovation > Topaz constantly strives to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Always focusing on new innovation. Innovation is necessary for every company. Our Journey to Sustainability PREMIUM QUALITY THAT LASTS With conscious consumerism at the core of our company values, our mission is to create premium swimsuits that you will look and feel your absolute best in. We work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure that each bikini is delicately hand made to ensure a unique standard of sophistication, longevity and optimum quality. Our suits are designed to be worn comfortably and proudly for an eternity of summers. With TOPAZ SWIM you are investing in quality suits that last! COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING In our efforts to be a more sustainable brand, we are taking steps to ensure that our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable! The packaging is the ultimate physical representation of the brand's belief system. Topaz will demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by using 100% biodegradable packing material. Not only is Topaz contributing to the environment, but the packaging is given another life after purchase. Allowing the customer to take the bags to the beach and use them for makeup, accessories or their swimsuits. All our products are shipped in 100% biodegradable shipping bags. MINIMISING WASTE Not only do we take waste management seriously at our HQ, but we also work closely with our supply chain to minimise as much waste as possible. Off-cuts or leftover fabric is minimised through smart production techniques however when off-cuts do remain, our manufacturers aim to repurpose them towards the creation of hair scrunchies. WE DONATE As a brand we want to support the environment and help protect our oceans, this is why we have teamed up with Work for Good to donate a percentage of sales to Marine Conservation Society. MCS is one of the UK’s leading Marine Wildlife Charity who clean oceans and protect marine life. We are so proud to be able to support this charity and hope we can contribute a lot more in the future. Photo credit: Topaz Boutique Swim