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Trimco Group is the global leader in supply chain traceability, data management, and RFID solutions, with comprehensive expertise in brand identity optimization for apparel and footwear brands worldwide. Trimco Group is every apparel and footwear brand’s trusted partner, supporting the industry with innovative and creative product designs and production techniques powered by deep expertise in data and technology. Through more than 40 years of combined experience, and thanks to a global setup, Trimco Group is the go-to trusted partner for trims, care labels, packaging, variable data, RFID, supply chain traceability, and store deco. Trimco Group’s experts provide reliable advice on care label regulations and ESG compliance for international markets, as well as waste management signage compliance for their packaging.
ProductDNA® - complete traceability solution with the least workload for brands Navigating the complexities of a dynamic supply chain while working towards sustainability objectives can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor for many brands. That's why Trimco Group offers a customized solution to align their proprietary ProductDNA® with every fashion or footwear brand’s specific goals. Depending on the brand’s goals, ProductDNA® features four solution modules: -The Certificate Manager – the supply chain monitoring module to collect and monitor social, environmental and chemical compliance. The module gives both brands and suppliers access to centralized data on scope and transaction certificates. - The Product Manager – the module supports brands aiming to optimize their responsible sourcing thanks to in-depth insights through material-level analysis and provides weight-claims validation for textiles and footwear. - The Digital Manager – focused on the transparency of their supply chain, QR codes or NFC technology are used to pave the way towards Digital Product Passports (DPP). Additionally, the solution includes Product-as-a-Service options, such as repair, resell or recycle initiatives. - The Packaging Manager – the module that enables brands to gather complete packaging compilation reports for easy handling of EPR reporting requirements. Photo credit: Trimco Group