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Trimco Group is the global leader in supply chain traceability, data management, and RFID solutions, with comprehensive expertise in brand identity optimization for apparel and footwear brands worldwide. At Trimco Group, we are your brand guardian and trusted partner, supporting you with innovative and creative product designs and production techniques powered by deep expertise in data and technology. Our subject matter experts provide reliable advice on care label regulations and ESG compliance for international markets.
With our global production footprint, we strive to deliver a trouble-free supply chain for all our brand owners to meet quality, timeliness, and sustainability demands. ‍‍Trimco Group entails the combined forces of the companies formerly known as A-TEX, CLOTEX, LABELON, and WAH LUNG, with more than 1,700 employees in 21 countries, serving more than 800 brands and 8,600 manufacturers worldwide. Photo credit: Trimco Group