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Founded in 1900, the ITU represents and defends the interests of the 2,200 companies carrying out a textile activity in France. The Union des Industries Textiles (UIT) is the spokesperson for the textile industry in France. It brings together 23 regional and sectoral organizations, representing 2,200 companies across the country and across the entire production chain. These companies, mostly SMEs and mid-cap companies, put their know-how at the service of diversified application markets (clothing, household linen, health, personal protective equipment, aeronautics, construction, packaging, etc.). The ITU unites them around a collective vision of the challenges of the sector. ITU's priorities and challenges are to support the redeployment of the textile activity in France, to strengthen national coordination with its growth drivers and to promote the image of a sector that innovates while respecting people and of the environment.
ITU has three main missions 1- Build a favorable environment for the French textile industry 2- Offer a daily service adapted to its members 3- Contribute to the attractiveness of the textile industry