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Fashion Lectures

Course Summary School: Milan Fashion Campus

Location: Italy, Milano

Education: Diploma

" Discovering the Italian Fashion Creativity & System "
To whom is dedicated :Fashion Schools - Institution & Companies interested in Italian Fashion & Culture 
What is about
Lectures for students and employees to enhance the Professional Skills of fashion ​
Specialized for companies(institution, academy) who would like to learn the knowledge of International Business of the fashion industry 
Personalized Lectures depending costumer needs.
Giving students and employees a lecture session for educating the professional world of fashion with contents of business side to the artistic side special lecture prepared to suit your group of students.
The lecture is specialized for companies who would like to enhance the knowledge of international business of the fashion industry or for group of students who would like to expand their vision inside the fashion brand.
From the procedure of trend researching to manufacturing , the lecture will broaden your vision toward the real working world of fashion and the business related to it from a first person point of view.
Below many benefits from this partnership:
-Develop the skills one needs to adapt to the constantly changing global market
-Develop international networking
-Creating opportunities for students to work on collaborative projects
-Develop and widen understanding of similarities and differences between different cultures
-Develop personal competitiveness for future career development by gaining new perspectives
-Diversification of educational delivery mode
-To develop social and cross cultural sensitivity and translate them into fashion projects
In addition to this we would be pleased to let you know which goals and strenghts Milan Fashion Campus includes:
-Provide students knowledge and tools to increase professional abilities
-Give the opportunity to live a unique experience in Milan studying the italian style and visiting the city
-Teach students how to create an online Portfolio to create a professional presentation, usefull for the career
-Connect two different cultures in order to combine two visions in one training course
-Study in a cosmopolitan and multicultural enviroment
-Become part of the international global market, thus multiplying job opportunities in an increasingly globalized market
-Focus on the style sector of fashion
-Discover the italian taste of fashion visiting selected shops and manufacturing laboratories
-Living this experience in Milan will allow students to clearly understand how italians feel fashion
-One – to – one teaching method to follow each student step by step
-Get in touch with an international reality in the fashion sector
-Analyze different styles and trends in order to increase professional knowledge and gain abilities to create special projects
-A trip to Florence to visit Gucci and Ferragamo's museums and walk around this city full of cultural and history