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International Fashion Business & Management (MSc)

Course Summary School: Amsterdam Fashion Academy

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam

Education: Diploma

This Master’s degree (MSc) in International Fashion Business and Management is a unique course tailored to meet both academic and industry requirements. If you see yourself as a responsible fashion leader of the future with an understanding of sustainable management practices, someone who knows how the fashion industry currently works and how it should and could work, then this is the course for you. Become a CEO in the fashion industry who embraces Inclusive Leadership, with a strong vision for the future and who can inspire others to change. You will learn how to be an entrepreneurial-minded leader taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, so keeping your organisation moving forward in uncertain times.
Key areas of study
Students will learn the skills and knowledge they need to become a new generation of fashion business management specialists; innovators of the future embracing and understanding the principles of sustainability, responsibility, sound management and financial practice. Students will be helped to develop as individuals with an integrated and in-depth awareness of management and organisations in a global context, so they can work effectively in key roles in the fashion business. 
  • Evolution and growth of global financial markets
  • Investment and regulatory environment
  • Identification and evaluation of financial risks
  • Interpreting financial statements covering income, balances and cash flow
  • Leadership and Management
  • Management policies and practices
  • Inclusive leadership and organisational Development
  • Managing and leading complex networks, alliances and partnerships
  • International HRM including: cross-cultural communication; diversity management; and HR issues in expatriation/repatriation, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures
Strategic Marketing:
  • Marketing Decision Analysis – customer-centric marketing,
  • Developing marketing and pricing strategies, plans and marketing mix policies; international promotion strategies and distribution channels
  • Strategic importance of branding, targeting and positioning
  • Behavioural economics, consumer psychology and the key principles of consumer and managerial decision-making
  • Organizational Environment:
  • Organisational psychology
  • Socio-political, economic and business environments of emerging markets
  • Global strategies and analytical frameworks
  • Innovation processes, innovation-based strategies and creating competitive advantage through innovation
  • Interim consultancy project – Management and leadership
  • Major Consultancy project – Strategic direction
The consultancy project will provide an opportunity to put into practice all that has been learnt within the previous MSc modules. This project will be developed relevant to experience gained with the placement organisation. The project will include the in-depth exploration of a business issue from multiple perspectives. Recommendations will be made derived from previously learned theories, concepts, tools and frameworks including multi-cultural teamwork and presentation skills developed through group-work.
Programme structure
Semester 1: Organisational Environment – Leadership and Management – Consultancy Project Minor
Semester 2: International Finance – Strategic Marketing – Dissertation Preparation
Semester 3: Consultancy Project Major – Dissertation
International teaching staff
The international team of (guest) lecturers are all experts in their respective field. They are from a diverse range of backgrounds in the fashion industry. Lively and entertaining speakers with a passion and infectious enthusiasm for fashion. All our lecturers endeavour to take a relaxed approach to the content, mixing lectures, seminars and company visits with more informal conversations during the tutorials.
Career opportunities
Marketing director. Retail director. E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Merchant Acquisition Manager. Creative Consultant. Commercial Director. International Programme Manager. Stylist Operations Manager. Chief Merchandising Officer.
Key facts
Duration: 1 year
Start programme: October 2018
Start admission: now open for admission academic year 2018-2019
*Pleased be informed that we are not legally able to accept applications from anyone who doesn’t hold an EU Passport.
**The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a non-governmental and non-subsidized institute.