5 key points to consider when applying for your first graduate fashion role

When applying for your first graduate role in fashion, it can be daunting, scary and all the emotions from your internship days can come flooding back. It is important to use some of the tools and preparation that helped you land an internship or work experience when applying for your first graduate role. You must also understand that the skill set may be different and that the employer is now looking for attitudes and commitment for the long term.

Gaining a graduate role after university can be challenging and often deflating if you are not successful or interviewed straight away.

Don’t be disheartened, consider the following to give yourself the best chance:

The skills sets they are looking for are different - the skill sets that are required when you are applying for an internship are slightly different to those for your first role. Although, they will still be required, they are now taken for granted. What else can you offer? How have you developed during your internships. You need to prepare yourself and research what skill sets are require for each role and not generalise based on previous roles you have had.

Employers care about your experience and transferable skills - when applying for your internship you most likely showcased and highlighted your education and what you’re learning at university if you are attending university. When going for your first role, the employer or hiring manager will often look to your work experience and workplace transferable skills rather than your education.

Employers want to know why you’re choosing their company - when applying for internships, employers already are aware that you are eager to gain experience therefore may not be too picky with what company you work for. Gaining your graduate role, the company is expecting a great reason for why you want to work for them. Let them know your reasons for applying for the role and what aspects of the company you love and admire.

You may not get the role straight away - although gaining an internship is no easy task, neither is getting a graduate role. The competition is still tough and gaining your first role will not be a walk in the park, just because you have experience doesn’t mean you are guaranteed the role of your dreams. Make sure you prepare yourself for some disappointments and get ready to learn from them!

The application process can be incredibly stressful, nervous feelings come to the surface and it’s easy to relate it to your internship application experiences but you must separate them and clear your mind of your past experiences.

Use what you’ve learnt through interning and gaining those roles to help you gain the next step in your career.

By contributing guest editor Hannah Rafter, founder and Editor In Chief of The Intern 247, a website dedicated to giving real insights into the world of fashion internships. @theintern247 theintern247.com

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