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EIDM presents 'Dream your Freedom' fashion magazine event

By Andrea Byrne

May 23, 2022


Image: Frédéric Botel

Ecole Internationale de Mode et Luxe (EIDM) has presented its fashion magazine event entitled 'Dream your Freedom'.

At the event, there was a pop-up store, networking opportunities and fashion shows. There was also a magazine competition where there were 31 entries.

Image: Frédéric Botel

Emma Trichard and Nicola Simonato won first place for their magazine entitled ‘Ecstasy’.

Image: Frédéric Botel

Lilia Larbi and Yousra Majnaoui were awarded second place with their magazine entitled ‘Portrait’.

There were eight jury members, including Catherine Dauriac, president of Fashion Revolution in France, Djamila Kedjem, luxury communication and public relations consultant, Dorothée Evouna, wardrobe stylist and fashion consultant and Kevin Camara, production manager at Brut.

In addition to Lea de Aquino, customer manager and head of influence and press divisions at Black Milk Agency, Paul Fogiel, director of the influence division at Black Milk Agency, Saana Roukia, founder and editor of 33 Carats magazine and Sébastien Girard, the CEO of Icon-Icon.

Each winning group received 1,000 euros of a merit scholarship.