Esmod inaugurates new school in Pantin, France

Interested in studying fashion in France? Look a little bit further than Paris. The city of Pantin, in the vicinity of the French capital, wants to become the next place to be for those who aspire for a career in fashion. The mayor, Bertrand Kern, has expressed a willingness to collaborate with important actors in the fashion industry, and his efforts are bearing fruit. Chanel, Hermès and Paraffection have recently opened workshops in the municipality, and Esmod, one of the most renowned fashion schools in world, has inaugurated its brand new Pantin branch last week.

Classes in fashion design and business

Set in a building from the 1920’s next to metro station Hoche, the school will occupy 1500 square meters and offer classes in both fashion design and business. In a statement, Esmod said training students in both competenties is the most “realistic” way to prepare them for the professional world. The facilities will also include 23 classrooms and cutting-edge equipment.

Esmod inaugurates new school in Pantin, France

Founded in 1841, Esmod is the world’s first fashion school. It opened its first international branch in Tokyo in 1984 and the expansion hasn’t stopped since: currently, the institution has 24 schools in 15 countries. Esmod leads CEOWorld Magazine’s ranking of best fashion schools in the world and has recently placed second on a list of best fashion schools in France, made by French magazine L’Etudiant. Suzy Menkes and Olivier Rousteing are among the school’s alumni.

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