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Sea Beyond, Prada and Unesco announce winners of the Sea Beyond award

By Isabella Naef


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Courtesy of the Prada Group, the award ceremony

Sea Beyond, the Prada Group and Unesco have announced MaArt of Newton College, Lima (Peru), Seaweed Aquaculture of the Shanghai High School International Division, Shanghai (China) and the Video Game-Sea Beyond of Marcelline Tommaseo, Milan (Italy) as the winners of the second edition of the Sea Beyond award in Lisbon, during a press conference.

The winners were selected by a jury composed of Enzo Barracco, photographer and climate artist; Lorenzo Bertelli, head of corporate social responsibility of the Prada Group; Fabien Cousteau, oceanographic explorer and environmentalist; Kerstin Forsberg, a marine scientist and social entrepreneur; Valentina Gottlieb, environmental influencer and activist; Vladimir Ryabinin, executive secretary of the Unesco intergovernmental oceanographic commission and Hugo Vau, athlete, ocean explorer and surfer.

The prizes will be used by the schools to invest in the purchase of teaching materials.

The second educational program, which began in autumn of 2021 and ended last spring, involved ten secondary schools in the following countries: Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

“For this second edition, we felt the need to thank all the students with an event that could celebrate the commitment that children continue to show towards the Sea Beyond project. The setting of the international conference in Lisbon seemed to us the perfect opportunity to discuss together, once again, a topic that is very close to our hearts: protecting the sea and its resources," said Bertelli in a statement. “In these first two years of the Sea Beyond project, we have achieved important results, but we are all convinced that this initiative still has great potential to express, and we want to show it.”

Sea Beyond aims to educate students to have better responsibility and awareness towards the ocean and its resources and to promote sustainable consumption attitudes in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.it, and it was translated into English by Andrea Byrne.

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