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The travel route of your Kings of Indigo jeans

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Kings of Indigo is one of the few denim brands in the industry which can proudly say that it is sustainably driven. Currently ranked by Rank a Brand as the most sustainable denim brand in Europe, Kings of Indigo aims to bring together the roots of American denim and the minimalistic simplicity of Japanese jeans to create stylish, sustainable denim.

At the moment, Kings of Indigo is working to ensure its production process is 100 percent sustainable. This includes ensuring that the raw cotton used for its collections is either organic or recycled, and that the dyeing of the yarns is as done as eco-friendly as possible. In addition, the brand is also using alternative washing methods to reduce it use of chemicals and water usage as well as other denim finishing processes, like laser, ozone and ice blast.

For a denim brand like Kings of Indigo, which holds sustainability, quality and design as part of its core values, all steps within the production process are chosen with care. The brand is always making sure production is done as close to home as possible to keep its environmental impact as small as possible, while never losing sight of the actual quality of the its products. But where does its jean production start? And where does it end? In line with ensuring its production is as transparent as possible, Dutch denim brand Kings of Indigo exclusively shares its manufacturing locations with FashionUnited. Follow our interactive map, which travels across six countries to see where your King of Indigo jeans are designed, cut, stitched and finished before landing in store.

Click on the 'start' button for a tour around the globe! Navigate through the slides via the arrow buttons, or click on the tagged places to be on the world map to learn more.

About Kings of Indigo (K.O.I)

Kings of Indigo was founded in 2010, when Tony Tonnaer, director of sustainable denim line Kuyichi decided to start his own denim brand. The name of the label stems from Tonnaer’s favourite tattoo - a Koi fish on his right shoulder, in honour of his mother. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Kings of Indigo debut collection was released back in 2012 and consisted of three models for men, and five for women in ten different washings. Since then the brand has grown to include children’s wear, as well as accessories and tops. K.O.I current sells its collections at over 350 retailers in 10 countries, as well as online and is set to open its debut stand-alone store by the end of the year.

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Photos: Courtesy of KOI

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