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Want to work in the fashion industry? 10 new fashion jobs you should know about

By Hannah Rafter



There are hundreds of different job roles in the fashion industry, making it not only an attractive and interesting career choice for many but a major employer within the UK economy. Many fashion students and those more experienced and looking for promotion in the industry are often very aware of the typical jobs available, usually in design, retail, marketing, wholesale and maybe garment technology. Although these roles are without doubt hugely significant in the industry, there are many more that aren't perhaps as appreciated or universally known.

University fashion departments are endeavouring to keep abreast of all the opportunities on offer but as for any industry, researching what is available and educating yourself on the different areas that make up each department will mean you have the latest roles on offer. You may discover an area that is better suited to you or will highlight your skill set better.

Here are 10 new fashion jobs that you should know about and consider if you are looking to work in the industry:

Production Manager

A production manager is expected to be heavily involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes of the brand/company. Some production managers manage seasonal production, ensure delivery to retail outlets and warehouses are kept on schedule. They may also be responsible for looking after production budgets and ensure excellent quality control on all garments.

Influencer Marketer

An influencer marketer is expected to deliver a marketing strategy that will result in commercial results and scalability. They are responsible for coordinating collaborations with influencers, building new relationships and tracking the success of each influencer campaign. The marketer is also expected to generate marketing ideas, content strategies and creative content across all areas of the brand.

Trend Forecaster

A trend forecaster is responsible for identifying, predicting and calculating new trends and understanding how they will change and shape the fashion industry. A forecaster works with and analyses consumer data and makes recommendations to brands and fashion companies based on those findings.

Style Scenographer

A scenographer is responsible for making a designer's design vision come alive on the catwalk or editorial set. The scenographer works with the creative director to ensure the brand's visual message is displayed this includes lighting, props, music and show design. The scenographer will work with the runway technician closely during fashion to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Sustainability Coordinator

A sustainability coordinator helps deliver a brand or companies sustainability strategy. The coordinator works with a sourcing team to map the supply chain and works frequently with third party companies to ensure their brand is meeting the sustainability standards. The sustainability coordinator is responsible for reporting, and communicating the ethical efforts within the company.

CRM Production Assistant

The CRM production assistant is responsible for day-to-day content management across multiple channels such as email, a website and apps. The assistant will also look after the customer journey, ensuring everything is going smoothly.

E-commerce Controller

E-commerce controllers are responsible for driving sells to the website. They work closely with the Merchandising, Marketing and buying teams to ensure the site is profitable. They are tasked with feeding back sales and KPI’s (key performance indicators) to the all head office teams. The controller also has a heavy hand in customer service, ensuring the brand has the very best logistic systems.

Online Styling Editor

The online styling editor looks after all online styling shots for the brands new incoming products. The editor works alongside the Buying and Styling teams to improve styling standards, enduring great styling direction and training various teams with on set techniques.

Digital Analyst

A digital analyst key responsibilities include collecting, analysing and defining any visitor behaviour and data from the brands digital channels. They are tasked with delivering actionable insights from e commerce and any digital marketing activity.

Retail Community Marketing Manager

A retail community marketing manager is responsible for driving brand awareness in set location through community marketing. A core goal of the role is to increase user traffic, engagement and loyalty from the customer to the brand.

So, new and exciting opportunities abound. The fashion industry continues to be diverse and exciting and although some of the roles mentioned above might require greater experience than an entry level role, there are usually opportunities to assist and develop within the relevant department area. Give yourself the best chance of job satisfaction by making yourself aware of the new these new opportunities.

By contributing guest editor Hannah Rafter, founder and Editor In Chief of The Intern 247, a website dedicated to giving real insights into the world of fashion internships. @theintern247 theintern247.com

Photo: Pexels

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