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AMFI to host both online and physical open days

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Oct 18, 2021


In the last week of October, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute hosts its first open day of the academic year again. Last years’ first fully online open days were a great success, AMFI has therefore decided to host an online and physical open day in the same week.

AMFI’s open days will take place on 26th and 30th of October and 7th and 11th of December.
You can find more information here .

After almost two years of not being able to host events it is pretty exciting to open the doors again for interested potential students. Attending an open day is a crucial step in the quest of finding the right school that fits you. That is why AMFI is thrilled to have interested students in their building on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam again, where they can meet students, teachers and get a taste of the atmosphere of the academy.

Online open day

On Tuesday the 26th of October AMFI kicks-off their open day with an online livestream. During this livestream the focus will be on the first-year experience. Teachers and students will talk about the curriculum but also about how students experienced it and what they have been working on. During the livestream, visitors are able to engage live with the AMFI team through chat.

Open day in the AMFI building

The following Saturday, 30th of October, AMFI’s actual doors will open for the open day on location. AMFI’s open days pre-Covid were very well visited and the building could get pretty crowded. To prevent that from happening but still give potential students the opportunity to visit AMFI, you can register for a specific time slot to visit the school via this link. On Saturday you will be able to walk through the building and get familiar with the different programmes that AMFI offers. Students and teachers will be available for a casual chat or to go more in depth about their expertise.


Interested in joining AMFI’s open day? Check out the open day page of AMFI on the website of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences here. Where you can register for both the online and physical open day. If you prefer to visit the school on the 30th of October, make sure to register your time slot on time. There are only limited spots available. The livestream on the 26th of October is available for everybody.

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