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ESDi students present fashion show at Sabadell airport in Spain

By Veerle Versteeg

Jun 24, 2022


Photo Credit: ESDi fashion show at Sabadell Airport, Catalonia (Spain) by Álvaro Rubio.

On Sunday, June 19, design school ESDi in Spain turned Sabadell airport, near Barcelona, into a fashion runway.

The second-year students of the Bachelor in Fashion Design at ESDi, the design school associated with Ramon Lull University in Barcelona, presented their academic career's first professional fashion show.

The fashion show was presented at the open day of the Aviation Park of Catalonia, and the Barcelona-Sabadell Aero Club.

Álvaro Rubio for ESDi Spain

Each student presented one fashion look inspired by the musical styles of lyricism, rock/punk and hip hop.

Titled "Disobedient Aspects: new creative codes outside the norm", the designs showed the confrontation between a fusion of different aesthetics and elements of today's world that are merged and remixed to generate a new set of creative codes.

The fashion show was the first professional challenge for the students right in the middle of their studies. They were not only in charge of the design, pattern making and tailoring of the garments but also of the styling, make-up and even finding a model to match their look.

Álvaro Rubio for ESDi Spain

The hangar of the Barcelona-Sabadell Aeroclub became the fashion show's backstage, and the airport runways were transformed into a runway.

The Aeroclub's fleet of aeroplanes and helicopters were on display on the runway, thus achieving an "out-of-the-ordinary" location, in line with the fashion show's theme.

At the end of the show, attendees could look at the looks of the ESDi students from up close, which were on display for the public inside the hangar.

Álvaro Rubio for ESDi Spain
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