Institut Français de la Mode is a higher education institution, a training center for apprentices, a provider of executive education, as well as a center of expertise for the textiles, fashion and luxury industries. It provides educational programs from vocational training to doctoral level, by cross-fertilizing design, management and know-how.

As of 2019, Institut Français de la Mode brings together Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne, founded in 1927 and recognized for the excellence of its training in couture savoir-faire, and IFM, founded in 1986 and a pioneer in fashion management education.

Institut Français de la Mode now offers:

  • Higher education training programs in fashion design (among which two new degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts), in fashion management and in savoir-faire
  • A training center for apprentices
  • Short, certificate or custom-designed continuing education programs for companies and institutions
  • Summer School programs
  • Academic research activities which produce publications in the field of economics as well as social and human sciences applied to fashion and design
  • An Economic Observatory which provides steering tools for professionals and daily analysis of fashion consumption and distribution
  • One of the most complete specialized libraries in France

Institut Français de la Mode is a member of HESAM Université, of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). It is supported by the French Ministry of Economy and recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion design is a course like no other. Simultaneously an ideas factory, a design studio, an atelier and a research laboratory. We are training designers for the Future of Future Fashion.

In the hub of Paris, with incomparable links to the world-renowned French fashion houses and their legendary ateliers, the BA in Fashion Design is taught by designers working in international studios and highly qualified, industrially experienced technical staff.

Offered either in English or in French, the course focuses on learning through guided experimentation and innovative technical practice. You will learn to use both cutting-edge techniques and artisanal craftsmanship in order to transform your 2D ideas into 3D garments and accessories as you develop your signature style.

This Four-year program will prepare you to "hit the ground running" when you graduate, whether your ambition is to work for a major luxury brand, start your own business or work as an independent designer.

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We believe fashion is a form of applied art that mixes creativity, craftsmanship and culture, in an industry that is all about passion and innovation. The Master of Arts in Fashion Design pushes the boundaries of creative talent, enabling designers to be both stylistically innovative and technically exceptional.

With an emphasis on real-life experimentation and project-based learning, the MA in Fashion Design offers you ways to express a strong personal creative signature, broaden your artistic horizons and gain professional acumen.

Seven pathways of specialization are offered:

  • Major in Garment (Womenswear, Menswear)
  • Major in Knitwear
  • Major in Creative Pattern Making
  • Major in Leather Goods
  • Major in Footwear
  • Major in Image Design

Taught by the best faculty and practitioners in their field, they allow you to hone your technical skills and develop a full personal collection that is altogether meaningful, crafty and innovative.

The course runs over 19 months, plus a 6-month internship. Year 1 alternates experimental work, creative workshops and partnerships with the industry, while Year 2 concentrates on your final individual project. As an MA Fashion Design student, you are part of one highly international cohort, and work on projects with students from other Majors, as well as other programs at Institut Français de la Mode. The final individual project will allow you to develop a full collection and portfolio, related to the chosen Major.

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The MSc Fashion & Luxury is a multi-disciplinary management program, delivered in English and designed to provide a diverse group of internationally-minded students the tools and skills necessary to accelerate their careers within the fast-moving fashion, luxury and beauty sectors.

Course objectives:

  • Acquire a strong foundation in management and analytical skills as applied specifically to the creative industries
  • Develop in-depth product knowledge and understanding of the creative process
  • Gain expertise in branding, communication and digital strategies
  • Benefit from unparalleled industry exposure, while developing leadership skills and multi-cultural awareness

The academic approach of the MSc Fashion & Luxury program mixes intensive in-class learning, innovative workshops, real-world business cases, study trips and language lessons. Students learn to navigate on a daily basis between theory and practice, creativity and analysis, the emotional and the rational, management and creation.

Students also examine how the fashion, luxury and beauty industries have evolved over time –via historical and contemporary references– and develop the skills to understand the "French touch", and its essential impact upon the sector.

Our strategic location in the center of Paris allows students to fully benefit from all that the Parisian fashion and luxury ecosystem has to offer, including easy access to international headquarters, key professional trade shows and a diversity of unparalleled cultural offerings.

The MSc program’s courses and workshops are taught by Institut Français de la Mode faculty, CEOs and professionals, as students meet over 70 industry experts during the academic year. Students holding a 3-year Bachelor’s degree may follow the 2-year program (MSc Fundamentals Year + MSc Core Year), while students with a 4-year Bachelor’s may apply directly to the MSc Core Year. A double degree option is offered in partnership with the ESCP Europe business school, ranked #5 worldwide by the Financial Times for its Master in Management.

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The Advanced Intensive Program in Fashion Design and Pattern Making, offered in French, allows you to deepen your skills and acquire the specific design and assembly techniques of Parisian Couture and Luxury Houses.

This program is for people who have followed a complete fashion course in France or abroad with at least a Bachelor's degree and who wish to deepen their knowledge of the design methods and garment construction techniques as practiced in couture and luxury brands.

Please note that this program is delivered in French.

Based on the unique learning methods developed over the years by Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, the Advanced Program in Fashion Design and Pattern Making allows you in one year to discover new techniques of garment design and construction which will allow you to hone your skills and prepare you for work in a studio or workshop.

You will discover different 2D and 3D creative processes, such as cutting, collage, shadow, models, or unique creative cutting techniques specially developed by the school's faculty in collaboration with professionals from Parisian companies. You will practice high level pattern making by moulding or flat cutting. You will develop flou and tailor study pieces allowing you to master all the main assembly techniques (skirt, bodice, jacket, trousers, kimono, etc.) as well as personal mock-ups.

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Credit photo :Estelle Hanania y Benoit Bethume