LCF alumni Sinead Gorey and Sensergy collaborate at LFW 19

London Fashion Week September 2019 has drawn to a close after one of the most innovative and creative fashion weeks to date. Besides the usual catwalks, digital exhibitions and presentations at this season's LFW, there was also a shift of focus towards environmental and sustainable issues.

For LCF alumni and graduates, London Fashion Week remains a pivotal platform for emerging designers to showcase their work to the industry. LCF's Jesse Tilley spoke to BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear graduate Sinead of Sinead Gorey London and BA Creative Direction for Fashion alum, Clodie, from Sensergy to discuss their unique collaboration. Presented at the DiscoveryLAB at 180 The Strand, they took over the event with an immersive, virtual reality exhibition.

LCF alumni Sinead Gorey and Sensergy collaborate at LFW 19

Sinead Gorey was born in South East London and a recent graduate from the LCF Womenswear course. Her brand is a fusion of technical rave wear and tailoring. Her brand has been worn by relevant figures such as Zara Larson and Jorja Smith. The most recent collection is a nostalgic nod to her years of growing up around the London squat raving scene, creating garments for the new age matured raver. Sensergy is a creative incubator, which was established to understand our contemporary ‘hybrid-reality' - the interplay of our physical and digital worlds.

Jesse: How did this collaboration come about?

Clodie: We worked together on Sinead’s previous presentation when Sensergy 3D scanned the garments, this collaboration had extremely exciting outcomes, where we realised we had a similar vision and aesthetic. The goal of the collaboration was to bring a contemporary interactive and digital element, to the Discovery LAB, as Sensergy did in June at LFWM. The VR experience and digital graphics help complement Sinead’s distinctive designs to form a unique dimension to the show.

Sinead: I think the collaboration happened very naturally, the collection is futuristic and inspired by a new age raver and what Sensergy does really relates to this aspect of the brand. Being able to work with Sensergy took the presentation to the next level as we were able to create some unique elements which resulted in an immersive experience for the viewer. The VR experience, with the avatars wearing the looks related well to the concept of the whole presentation within the rave setting, and helped set the scene.

LCF alumni Sinead Gorey and Sensergy collaborate at LFW 19

Jesse: Did you meet any recognisable faces or make any good connections?

Clodie: The show created lots of attention, for example SHOWStudio featured our presentation online, and the room was filled with many individuals from the industry. From the success of LFW, Sensergy was asked to showcase the digital works from the day at Paris Fashion Week and was shown on huge LED screens at EP7.

Sinead: We had a wide variety of people attending- from buyers, press, influencers to students. It was hard to meet everyone. I also am quite incognito and didn't want to push myself onto anyone so enjoyed standing back and seeing people's reactions when they walked in the room.

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