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LIM College to offer new business of fashion bachelor's degree

By Robyn Turk


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LIM College has just announced plans to begin offering a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program in the Business of Fashion.

The New York City institution of higher education provides educations for students aspiring to work in the business side of the fashion industry. Its current undergraduate and graduate programs include Fashion Media, Fashion Merchandising, Global Supply Chain Management and Visual Studies, among others.

LIM College's new BBA in Business of Fashion program is a two-year trajectory designed specifically for transfer students who already hold an associates degree or have earned at least 60 college credits.

The program will launch in January 2020 in both on-campus and online formats. Students will study marketing, product development, retailing and accounting, and must complete two internships.

“Given the increasing complexity and bottom-line focus in the fashion industry, this program will equip students with the essential knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed, whether their goal is to launch their own line or work for an established brand," said the college's provost, Lisa Springer, in a statement.

"Because it provides maximum flexibility in recognizing credits earned at other colleges, the BBA in the Business of Fashion will be a particularly appealing option for those seeking a more affordable way to earn their bachelor’s degree."

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