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Nottingham Trent University student designs a corset for men

By Andrea Byrne

Jul 13, 2021


Fashion student Zdenek Lusk from Nottingham Trent University, School of Art & Design, has created a corset designed for men who wish to achieve a V-shape appearance.

Lusk said in a statement: “I wanted to take men’s fashion forward and noticed that many male gym-goers are looking to create big, square shoulders that taper down into the waist.

“That’s essentially what a corset is creating – it pushes out the shoulders and creates a triangular shape. There’s no reason why this item of clothing cannot be appropriated for men, as I see it.”

The corset was assembled using fuse tape and plastic boning covered in webbing. Additionally, Lusk used a toggle elastic band at the back instead of conventional lace.

Emma Prince, fashion design course leader at Nottingham Trent University, added: “Although historically men's corsets were worn discreetly undergarments in the 18th and 19th century, Zdenek is looking at the garment in a new way to show styled with streetwear which he developed through his final collection research.”

The 22-year-old student’s work will feature at Nottingham Trent University’s art and design summer show, as part of an online exhibition on wearecreativesntu.art, along with other graduating artists and designers.

Photo credit: Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University