Over 2 million euros in scholarships from Polimoda

Polimoda has announced a scholarship program for 2020/2021, offering opportunities to access both undergraduate and master programs for young people around the world.

The program of the Florentine Institute, chaired by Ferruccio Ferragamo, provides a cross-cutting structure that will cover various academic offerings, divided into two-year, four-year and master programs.

“We overcame this difficult moment by bringing all of our teaching activities online to continue to be close to our students," explains Polimoda Director Danilo Venturi. “In less than a month, we delivered 3300 lesson hours, covering almost all of the teaching modules. We’ve given students the opportunity to take their final exams online to make sure they won’t lose a year. We have also made ourselves available to keep our workshops open in the summer — if allowed. We will give the students who prefer temporarily suspending attendance the opportunity to resume their education at another time and at no cost.

Polimoda has over 2300 students, 70 percent of whom come from abroad.

“During this global crisis, everyone must do their part to accelerate recovery as soon as possible,”says Polimoda’s President Ferruccio Ferragamo. “Our mission is to connect the world of training and the reality of work and industry, and through these scholarships, we want to contribute to the future of the new generations.

The details and how to access the scholarships will be announced shortly and available on the Training Institute's website.

Image: Polimoda, credit Federica Fioravanti





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