After five years of experimenting and providing leadership for ethical fashion startups, Pratt Institute is shutting down its Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA) on June 30. Instead, Pratt plans to incorporate many of the findings it has learned from the BF+DA program into its curriculum for students.

For entrepreneurs, industry professionals and other passionate about ethical fashion, the BF+DA provided a space for work towards the planet and human rights in the fashion industry, supporting 40 researchers. It also hosted classes and events for those curious about sustainability within the industry.

In the five years since its launch, the BF+DA has also helped launch 37 businesses. Its most recent intiative is the TEK-TILES Project, which is “focused on creating functional garments and experimental textiles that used technology to promote health and well-being,” according to the announcement from Pratt.

“The BF+DA has been an international beacon for ethical design and entrepreneurship and its legacy will persist,” said founder and executive director Debera Johnson in a statement. “Each member of our core team, staff and community will continue to work for change in the industry.”





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