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The Circular Fashion Summit 2021 focuses on ‘Redesigning Society’

By Andrea Byrne


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The Circular Fashion Summit (CFS) by Lablaco, an event dedicated to virtual fashion, has presented its 2021 summit in the metaverse, focusing on ‘Redesigning Society’.

The concept ’Redesigning Society’ wishes to highlight both the post-pandemic social evolution and the urgency for circularity and digitisation in the fashion industry. The following solutions are discussed throughout the event: adaptive fashion, digital twins, upcycling and more.

As well, CFS has partnered with The Digital Fashion Group and fashion schools IFA Paris and Istituto Marangoni. The aim of this is to give students from all over the world the opportunity to join the actions of the summit and provide them with networking opportunities in the fashion metaverse platform.

The summit will be taking place until 19 December.

Check out the video below:

Photo credit: Circular Fashion Summit, Facebook

Video credit: Circular Fashion Summit by lablaco via YouTube

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