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Two Latin American designers prepare for Redress Design Award 2022 finals

By Cynthia Ijelman


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Image: Redress Design Award

Buenos Aires - Redress, the environmental NGO working to reduce fashion waste, held an editorial photo shoot as a preview of what will be showcased on the final runway at the Redress Design Award 2022 on September 7 at ArtisTree in Hong Kong, which will also be broadcast live around the world.

Latin America is represented by two finalists in this year's competition: Cris Miranda, from Chile, and Lívia Aguiar de Castro, from Brazil.

Image: Redress Design Award
Foto: Cris Miranda (Chile) para Redress Design Award 2022

Photoshoot before the catwalk

Entitled 'Repackaged', the shoot was captured by some of Hong Kong's leading creatives including Kieran Ho and The Buffacow. The inspiration came from the raw aesthetics of industrial paper and cardboard packaging, through which the photoshoot sought to reflect on the long journey of clothing to the end consumer, as well as showcasing the potential of textile waste to be repurposed into something beautiful and new.

Image: Redress Design Award 2022

In addition to being published in the print and digital editions of the Redress Design Award magazine, the photos will also appear in the upcoming October 2022 sustainability issue of Vogue Hong Kong.

In creating their collections, the designers had to use their unique and innovative sourcing skills, taking everything from leftover yarns from family weavers to saris and shawls they found in their wardrobes at home.

Image: Lívia Aguiar de Castro (Brazil) for the Redress Design Award 2022

In a few days the finalists will present their sustainable collections to the judges and the public showcasing their skills in design techniques, including zero waste, upcycling and reconstruction, focusing on low-impact circular design strategies and processes, reduced waste, durability and recyclability.

Image: Drina Marco (Spain) for the Redress Design Award 2022

The first prize winner will receive a 6400 dollar development fund and have the opportunity to join Timberland's Sustainability and Responsibility team, collaborating on a design project that will allow them to gain experience across the entire production chain.

Image: Micaela Clubourg (Spain) for the Redress Design Award 2022

In addition to the designers from Chile and Brazil, other finalists include Mohammed Numaan Khan and Ashutosh Panda from India, Federico Badini Confalonieri from Italy, Micaela Clubourg and Drina Marco from Spain, Nawoda Bandara and Ruwanthi Gajadeera from Sri Lanka and Patrick Lam from Hong Kong. All of whom, according to the organisers, impressed the judges with their creativity in terms of sustainable resources and circularity. "As the fashion industry emerges in a post-pandemic world, there is a renewed sense of urgency and commitment to sustainable production," Nissa Cornish, Executive Director of Redress, said in a release published on the Redress website, adding: "These forward-thinking designers are part of this shift in transforming the way we make and use fashion, and it is an honour to support their development and showcase their talents".

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.CL, and has been translated and edited into English by Veerle Versteeg.

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