The renowned Cypriot-born Turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalayan will begin a professorship at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) this coming winter semester 2019/2020. Chalayan will be teaching "Fundamentals of Design and Design Processes" in the Department of Design and Culture with […]

Tokyo - Nana Tamura of Esmod Tokyo won the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix on October 16. The design student presented a collection inspired by poetic deconstruction at the Shibuya Hikarie. More than 5,000 students from 9 different countries competed for the 2019 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand […]

The University of Navarra's Atelier by ISEM is the first Spanish vertical accelerator of fashtech startups and has been a leader in helping companies consolidate technological solutions in the fashion sector. In its third edition, the program is geared towards startups that innovate and utilize disruptive […]

Innovative ideas evolving from Yorkshire’s unique textile heritage took centre stage at Future Fashion Factory’s first annual showcase on October 16. More than 100 guests from across the fashion and textile industry congregated at Salts Mill in Saltaire to celebrate the programme’s success in its first […]

The idea of having a personal brand is not a new one, it's a concept that has been evident in the business world and entrepreneurship space for a while now, but over recent years it has become a factor for a wider audience who now see its potential and is the hot topic of conversation amongst students […]

The University of Leeds has announced textile training courses that will be held in November at the main campus and in Manchester. The courses are specifically tailored so that there is something for everyone involved with textiles-from designers, merchandisers to technologists. Five days of textiles […]

Luxury Scottish cashmere and wool fashion brand, Brora has launched a limited edition jumper to mark The Campaign for Wool’s annual Wool Week designed by a textile student. Brora tasked two Scottish universities with designing a jumper inspired by geometric shapes and the Bauhaus artist, Anni Albers […]

Fashion and farming happen to be two of the oldest words in the English language yet are on the tongues of today’s emerging design talent. The dual industries also happen to be top sources of pollution, also something which preoccupies the upcoming generation. A group of students from Fashion Institute […]


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