VF Corporation and North Carolina State University have announced a collaborative, strategic partnership that will support student development at NC State and advance apparel and textiles innovation within VF. “VF is proud to partner with NC State University, one of the world’s top universities and […]

The sports fair company Ispo seeks to foster students' interest in designing for the sports sector with its workshop in Munich. Fashion, textile and product design students from eleven schools worldwide will gather from Jan 25. to 29. at the fair in Munich to learn about the difference between designing […]

The fashion magazine Elle and Tilburg, Netherlands-based, Fontys journalism school are offering classes in fashion journalism from March. The courses are open to all ages and anyone who wants to start a fashion blog, specialize as a fashion journalist or just wants to take a look behind the scenes of […]

Online education has come to Russia relatively recently, but not all sectors decided to go from offline training to online at once. Fashion and design was one of these industries, which went online just a couple of years ago. Online courses for the tailoring and design of clothing and accessories have […]

On October 1, 2017 Esmod Berlin closed its doors for good. This came as a surprise to most students as they were notified by e-mail just days before the closing. They were informed of the opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree at the private fashion school AMD Academy Fashion & Design, which […]

Students from more than ten European fashion and footwear schools gathered at the ModaPortugal conference and competition from December 11 to 13 in Porto, in the north of Portugal. The fashion design competition featured 33 young designers from eight countries and schools, ranging from the German fashion […]

INTERVIEW Education was one of the most discussed topics among French fashion professionals who recently gathered at the second Fashion Forum in Bercy. Notably, the French Minister for Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, insisted on the necessity of having a school in Paris that is able to compete […]

British fashion designer Holly Fulton has been appointed as the new head of fashion at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA), and will now lead its Fashion BA (Hons) degree. In a statement, the college stated that as a “practicing designer with an internationally acclaimed fashion […]